patch for allegro8 (was: Re: [asdf-devel] Ready to release?)

Faré fahree at
Fri Oct 18 20:02:00 UTC 2013

> So I update my toplevel "run" script (attached) to make a separate asdf/
> directory for each OS, thereby keeping things entirely partitioned but
> allowing to run the same toplevel script everywhere.
> This "run" script does an
>   rsync -aL --delete
> in order to clone the asdf/ directory to the os-specific one, so it has the
> effect of starting with a fresh asdf directory every time (i.e. with the
> build/ directory cleared out).
Yup, I fear that's the safe way to go, for now.

> Also attached is another patch which protects the test-multiple.script from
> failure when the filesystem does not support symbolic links (e.g. in a
> virtualbox guest folder shared from the virtualbox host). This patch also
> adds the ability to set an ALLEGRO_NOISY environment variable so that
> Allegro on Windows will pop up the consoles (useful for cases when there are
> failures and you need to be able to capture the output).
Applied, with trivial cleanups.

> I am reliably replicating test-encoding.script failures now with alisp8 and
> mlisp8 on Windows and Linux. I will send that output separately.
> I am also still getting intermittent test-stamp-propagation failures, but
> these seem to be more rare since I am starting with clean asdf directory for
> each set of test runs. But the next time I do get one I will provide the
> output.
Excellent. I'm looking forward to fixing those intermittent failures.

Duane Rettig replied about char-code-limit;
it's a known issue and not a bug, but a arguably justified design choice.
Allegro has a excl:real-char-code-limit variable (as opposed to the more rigid
char-code-limit constant) for these situations. I patched our tests already.


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