[asdf-devel] Merged Fare's RUN-PROGRAM topic branch

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Thu Oct 3 16:22:20 UTC 2013

I have merged Fare's RUN-PROGRAM topic branch and pushed it as
 Passes all the tests for Fare and me on Linux and for me on Mac (modulo
known bugs in bundle-op).

My intention is to release this as 3.0.3 in the next few days, but I
would like to make it available for people to play with first.

I'm of course happy for you all to run the test suite on your own
machines and implementations (contact me if you need help setting this
up), but even more, I'd be obliged if you were to test this on your own
systems (again, ask for advice if you need help setting up to do this).
 I'd particularly urge you to try this on systems where you have made
your own extensions (new component or operation classes), or where you
reach out into the environment to do something else (e.g., run "make" or
the C compiler for FFI).  Those would be the most likely to expose bugs
in the new facilities.


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