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Mon Oct 14 21:10:58 UTC 2013

>> I propose that the same be true for the asdf-package-system.
>> For now, people can #.(if (find-class 'asdf::package-system nil) ...)
>> and in a few weeks or months, they can instead #+asdf3.1
> No, I don't want us to get into that position of users having to go back
> and change their system definitions later.
They kind of already have to, and/or the current fine-grained tests
will remain compatible once a coarse-grained test becomes available.
But that's your call.

> I think it's just simpler to push out 3.0.3 today, absent the feature,
> and then our users can  :depends-on (:version :asdf "3.1") or #+asdf3.1
> right away.

> It should only be a matter of hours before we can start and kill
> this pesky branch.
Do you mean, etc., so you can release 3.1.0,
or, etc., so you'll release 3.1.1?
(It's up to you to determine the numbering scheme, of course.)

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