[asdf-devel] Re: "Solved"

Zach Beane xach at xach.com
Tue Oct 22 20:36:39 UTC 2013

Faré <fahree at gmail.com> writes:

> No, that's the opposite: if it's preloaded, it should *never* be found
> in preference to anything else, it's just available in the image as a
> fallback in case no source code was found. And I don't want people to
> have to retroactively modify quicklisp so it bumps
> sysdef-preloaded-system-search in last position, either. Therefore,
> I'm having sysdef-preloaded-system-search be a magic case at the end
> of search-for-system-definition. Notice: not at the beginning. At the
> beginning, we magically have find-system-if-being-defined to avoid
> infinite recursion.
> preloaded means: the code is already in the image, though the source
> might not be available.

Thanks for clarifying. Can this behavior only be changed by modifying
the internals of ASDF?


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