[asdf-devel] Still having problems on upgrade tests

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Mon Mar 4 01:46:38 UTC 2013

On 3/3/13 Mar 3 -5:38 PM, Faré wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 3, 2013 at 5:41 PM, Robert Goldman <rpgoldman at sift.info> wrote:
>> The upgrade test for ACL from 1.85 fails reliably with this error:
>> Warning: COMPILE-FILE warned while performing #<compile-op > on
>> #<cl-source-file "asdf" "build" "asdf">.
>> Warning: COMPILE-FILE failed while performing #<compile-op > on
>> #<cl-source-file "asdf" "build" "asdf">.
>> #P"/Users/rpg/lisp/asdf/build/fasls/acl-8.2m-macosx-x64/asdf/build/asdf.fasl"
>> does not exist, cannot load
> [...]
>> Script failed
>> upgrade FAILED for allegromodern from 1.85 using method
>> 'load-asdf-lisp'load-asdf-system
>> Interestingly, when I paste the replication string into bash:
>> ASDF_UPGRADE_TEST_METHODS="'load-asdf-lisp'load-asdf-system"
>> ./test/run-tests.sh -u allegromodern
>> this works fine.
>> So this only fails for me when running in the context of make....
> Works for me, at least with Allegro 9.0:
> make u l=allegro ASDF_UPGRADE_TEST_TAGS=1.85
> make u l=allegromodern ASDF_UPGRADE_TEST_TAGS=1.85

I'm stumped.  It fails for me on Allegro 9.0 just as with 8.2

Note that this happens for me in the context of 'make test-all'

make u l=allegromodern ASDF_UPGRADE_TEST_TAGS=1.85

also fails...

Somehow the build is not working:

rpg% ls
ls: cannot access
No such file or directory

For some reason, I have no asdf.fasl there, but I *do* have an asdf.lisp...

I see this, which indicates that the fasl is being written in the wrong

; Registering #<system "asdf">
;;; Writing fasl file /Users/rpg/lisp/asdf/build/asdf.fasl
;;; Fasl write complete
Warning: COMPILE-FILE warned while performing #<compile-op > on
#<cl-source-file "asdf" "build" "asdf">.
Warning: COMPILE-FILE failed while performing #<compile-op > on
#<cl-source-file "asdf" "build" "asdf">.

And that's the file, alright:

pg% head build/asdf.fasl
?z??#<<AcL>> /Users/rpg/lisp/asdf/build/asdf.lisp by rpg on
rpgoldman-3.local at 2013-03-03T19:40:46+06\
using 9.0 [64-bit Mac OS X (Intel)] (Feb 26, 2013 9:53)\
fasl version = 63\
runtime version = 33\
for non-smp lisps; #+8-bit-specific code; #+16-bit-specific code\
Optimization settings at wfasl time:\
((safety 3) (space 1) (speed 2) (compilation-speed 1) (debug 2))\

So is there something going awry in the build process?


> I can't try allegro 8.2, because my license has expired, and Franz
> only offers one until January 31st 2013, and I don't feel like
> cheating on the system date:
> http://www.franz.com/products/express/
> Is it a case of confusion whereby we changed the way the
> implementation identifier is computed, and asdf creates the fasl in
> one directory but somehow looks for it in another?
> What is the command that makes it fail, already?
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