[asdf-devel] testing ASDF with cl-test-grid

Dave Cooper david.cooper at genworks.com
Fri Mar 1 01:46:40 UTC 2013

> ACL shows new problem with portableaserve and via it with all genworks-gdl
> systems.
> The error: No defined method for ASDF/ACTION:PERFORM oncompiling
> #<ORIGINAL-ASERVE "aserve" "dummy">

This is a hack in aserve.asd to allow

   (asdf:load-system :aserve)

to bring in the original aserve (via require) in the case of #+allegro.

There are some defclass'es and defmethod'd in the middle of the .asd file
to enable this. Maybe this doesn't work so well with ASDF3? Or maybe they
just need some (eval-when (...) ...)  around them (at the risk of mental
health issues)? Here is what the stuff looks like:

(defclass original-aserve (asdf:component)
  ((loaded :initform nil :accessor loaded)))

(defmethod asdf:source-file-type ((c original-aserve) (s module)) "dummy")

(defmethod asdf:perform ((op asdf:load-op) (c original-aserve))
  #+common-lisp-controller (c-l-c:original-require 'aserve)
  #-common-lisp-controller (require 'aserve)
  (setf (loaded c) t))

(defmethod asdf:operation-done-p ((op asdf:load-op) (c original-aserve))
  (loaded c))

(defmethod asdf:operation-done-p ((op asdf:compile-op) (c original-aserve))

(defsystem aserve
    :components ((:original-aserve "dummy")))

My Best,

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