[asdf-devel] testing ASDF with cl-test-grid

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 07:00:20 UTC 2013

>> unicly: encoding problem. I wonder why it doesn't appear with other
>> run — are you using an ASCII locale where you were using UTF-8 before?
> No, it was run with ASCII both times. The difference turns out
> is :verbose t passed into (ql:quickload). [...]
> As I see in the Quicklisp sources, The :verbose nil binds some
> variables like cl:*load-verbose* and invokes cl:muffle-warning
> restart from handler-bind. Probably this interferes somehow with
No, it's not interfering with ASDF.
IIUC, you'd have have the failure with :verbose t on an old ASDF, too.
It's just SBCL complaining that there's a non-ASCII character in comments;
but since it's only in a comment, that's a style-warning
that quicklisp ignores when non-verbose.
The solution is that this system should be loaded as UTF-8.

At some point, let's experiment with
(setf asdf:*default-encoding* :utf-8)
and see what breaks.
Also without disabling *warnings-file-type*.

>> deoxybytes-*, cl-prolog: WFM. Maybe it's looks like it's been fixed by
>> 2.29.1??? Or maybe you're actually using 2.28.10?? This looks more
>> like the bug I fixed in 2.28.11 aka 2.29.
> No, it was definetely tested with 2.29:
OK. Well, is it working with 2.29.6?

> If remaining libraries are upstream errors, we can perform another
> test run with 2.29.2 to see ensure we have no other errors, and the
> checkout these libraries to quicklisp/local-projects and test again
> to ensure they are fixed upstream.

I've contacted all upstream authors.
Some have fixed things already, others haven't responded yet.

Thanks a whole lot once again for your help testing!

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