[asdf-devel] Chat with Anton Vodonosov

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 11:13:10 UTC 2013

Anton Vodonosov was kind enough to run cl-test-grid against ASDF 2.29,
and here are the results, which I'm sharing with the asdf-devel list
because some people might find this status informative.

> I am thinking to add backtraces. Wasn't sure how (to depend
> on some library like trivial-backtrace, but what if the library itself
> is broken on the given lisp; or maybe copy/paste code to cl-test-gird;
> did't know about asdf/driver, alghtouhg it will only work on the lates
> ASDF). I will solve it somehow. Meantime it is necessary to reproduce
> the problem manually.
At worst, you could copy/paste and simplify code from asdf/image.
I already merged in code from xcvb-driver and trivial-backtrace, so
it should work in more cases. And if you add implementations,
please contribute them to asdf/image.

>> Where are the SBCL results?
> At the same table, at the bottom part. If you want, here is
> a separate SBCL-only table:
> http://common-lisp.net/project/cl-test-grid/asdf/asdf-diff-11-sbcl.html
Oh, sorry. Thanks.

unicly: encoding problem. I wonder why it doesn't appear with other
run — are you using an ASCII locale where you were using UTF-8 before?
I should really make UTF-8 the default default at some point, but
let's fix the other issues first.
iolib, and through it scriptl, inotify, hemlock.base, dbus, cl-ws,
clonsigna, clavatar, cl-popen: ouch, iolib modifies the readtable in
the .asd file. That's nasty, and is broken by my recent use of
with-standard-io-syntax around loading .asd files. I temporarily
removed that wrapper in 2.29.2 until all clients are fixed, but
clients should definitely get fixed.

Upstream errors, need to contact the respective upstream authors if
not done already:
jwacs, netkthuth, meta-sexp: bad :version vs less forgiving asdf
xcvb-bridge: fixed upstream already.
weblocks: they are missing some dependencies in their .asd files. I
sent them a patch, I think they applied it in the end, but not sure.
qbook: sent patch upstream some time ago, no answer.
mime4cl: bad use of defconstant for a list, caught by sbcl. Not an
ASDF-specific issue.
metacopy-with-contextl: the .asd file has an ugly output-files :around
method that expects only one output file when there are now several.
jenkins.api: has version requirements on all dependencies, but iterate
doesn't have a version to compare to 1.4.4
cl-sam: has a version dependenceny on cffi 0.10.3, but latest cffi
doesn't sport a version number
deoxybytes-*, cl-prolog: WFM. Maybe it's looks like it's been fixed by
2.29.1??? Or maybe you're actually using 2.28.10?? This looks more
like the bug I fixed in 2.28.11 aka 2.29.
buildapp: needs to be updated for ASDF3 (specialization of previous
unexported traverse function without &key)

I'm adding the "contacting upstream errors" on my TODO list. I'm just
telling Stelian for now that though I'm adding back compatibility with
modifying the readtable within a .asd file, this is strongly frowned
upon and we need a different solution, possibly using

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