[asdf-devel] maybe hot-upgrade of ASDF is not needed anymore

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 04:21:46 UTC 2013

>> If I do a (require <FOO>) for <FOO> some internally supplied library of
>> SBCL, doesn't that trigger the use of ASDF to load <FOO>?
> It does. For example, (require :sb-bsd-sockets) also loads ASDF.
Note that if and when SBCL uses ASDF 3, it will be trivial to update
its contrib to use the one-fasl-for-the-entire-contrib approach,
and not have any contrib require ASDF. But we're not there yet.

> But If if I load my ASDF before doing (require :sb-bsd-sockets)
> then my ASDF is used.

> The question: is this situation mean that ASDF must be hot-upgradable?
> IMHO not, because there is enough freedom for user to load his ASDF
> in the beginning.
In the current world, ASDF must still be hot-upgradable.

It is conceivable that we could move toward a world where it need not.
Beware, though, of the perverse incentives that used to exist
in the previous situation where it was not:
You will need some force capable of countering them.

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