[asdf-devel] ASDF 2.26 in Quicklisp

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Wed Nov 28 03:59:57 UTC 2012

On 11/27/12 Nov 27 -9:54 PM, Faré wrote:
>> There are quite a few references like this:
>>   * :around-compile attribute
>>   * :compile-check argument
>>   * :encoding attribute
>>   * :force-not feature
>> etc, etc.
>> I'm not sure where those attributes, arguments, and features are meant
>> to be used. Examples would go a long way in explaining the context in
>> which each thing might be used.
> Indeed. I'll try to update the ASDF docs and provide links to public
> examples of usage of these features.

If you would like, I would be happy to try to help with the texinfo.

Sorry to have been so unavailable to help: I am having all sorts of
family events, some good, some bad, and they have left me with little
time to contribute to ASDF.


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