[asdf-devel] Running the tests: failures: ACL (alisp) and CMUCL

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Wed Mar 28 15:30:27 UTC 2012

ACL alisp:

ACL on MacOS X (8.2, 64-bit, updated yesterday) failed:

;;; Writing fasl file /Users/rpg/lisp/asdf/tmp/fasls/alisp/asdf-tmp.fasl
;;; Fasl write complete
Testsuite failed: ASDF compiled with warnings
; Exiting
Compilation FAILED

Looking upstream:

Warning: Can you please fix ASDF to not emit style-warnings? Got a
cond clause (T :DEFAULT) is unreachable



Using /usr/local/bin/cmucl -noinit -batch, wild-module.script passed

Using /usr/local/bin/cmucl -noinit -batch
Ran 38 tests:
  37 passing and 1 failing
failing test(s):  test-around-compile.script

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