[asdf-devel] P.S. re patch...

Zach Beane xach at xach.com
Thu Dec 13 14:27:43 UTC 2012

Faré <fahree at gmail.com> writes:

>>> I intend to release 2.27 next week. Can people test on their systems
>>> and their implementations?
>>> Xach, are things all clear with Quicklisp now?
>> There is an unusual issue with the "periods" library that I can't quite
>> puzzle out. It does not have any trouble with ASDF 2.26, but it fails to
>> load from FASL, under some circumstances, with the latest commit to
>> master. It seems like something in my build environment is triggering
>> it, but I can't reproduce it reliably enough to figure it out.
>> I'll keep you posted.
> Do you logs of some of these failures? Maybe I can reproduce at home,
> or, looking at the .asd and knowing what I changed, figure a scenario
> that explains the failure.

http://report.quicklisp.org/periods/2012-12-12/failtail.txt is the
typical failure log. The use of the SERIES package is conditionalized on
the :PERIODS-USE-SERIES feature, and I can't find any place where that
is in effect.


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