[asdf-devel] Merging asdf-encodings into asdf?

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 09:18:35 UTC 2012

> Sorry if there was some confusion.  There are no plans to bundle
> asdf-encodings in with asdf in the next release of the SCL.  The
> bundled version of asdf is expected to be the same as the normal
> release, except for any minor SCL specific fixes.
Oh, OK. Good. My apologies for not getting it.
Your plan looks good.

> The next release of the SCL integrates comprehensive support for
> reading a text file character encoding from an Emacs style coding
> attribute.  The support was contributed to public domain CMUCL if
> you wish to examine it.  This allows 'load and 'compiler, and the
> debugger, and many editors, to also use the correct encoding.
> The new external-format has been named :file-attribute.  It has
> not been decided if this will be the :default, but a separate default
> will be provided for lisp source files.  I am open to working with
> other vendors on standardising the support, but there has been
> little interest.
I believe I saw an earlier version of it. Is it in the current version
of CMUCL from CVS?
asdf::default-encoding-external-format could use :file-attribute
instead of :default on SCL.

> I would not suggest bundling asdf-encodings in with ASDF, but
> suggest CL implementations integrate the support so that it
> works with 'load and 'compile' and editors.
That sounds like an interesting plan.

> Code was contributed earlier in the year
> to insert the file attribute and/or transcode all of the quicklisp
> source distributions so there are lots of options for users and
> library authors.
Is that the code we saw on that list? Did you get any feedback since then?
IIRC, there were ~7 problematic systems that needed to be updated for UTF-8.

> Perhaps the asdf-encodings could be made an implementation
> specific support library that is only loaded for CL implementations
> without integrated support.
That's a can of worm I'm trying to move away from.

Some time next month, we should go over quicklisp again and see if we
can resolve
those ~7 remaining systems, and maybe change the defaults for ASDF.

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