[asdf-devel] Merging asdf-encodings into asdf?

Douglas Crosher dtc-asdf at scieneer.com
Fri Dec 7 04:19:11 UTC 2012

Sorry if there was some confusion.  There are no plans to bundle
asdf-encodings in with asdf in the next release of the SCL.  The
bundled version of asdf is expected to be the same as the normal
release, except for any minor SCL specific fixes.

The next release of the SCL integrates comprehensive support for
reading a text file character encoding from an Emacs style coding
attribute.  The support was contributed to public domain CMUCL if
you wish to examine it.  This allows 'load and 'compiler, and the
debugger, and many editors, to also use the correct encoding.
The new external-format has been named :file-attribute.  It has
not been decided if this will be the :default, but a separate default
will be provided for lisp source files.  I am open to working with
other vendors on standardising the support, but there has been
little interest.

Note that support for auto-detection is not included and there
are no plans to do so.  The reading of source code to interpret
or compile and needs to be deterministic and not just a guess
(which might be acceptable for an editor).

There is also support for reading the line termination encoding,
and for handling a good range of Emacs specific encodings.

I would not suggest bundling asdf-encodings in with ASDF, but
suggest CL implementations integrate the support so that it
works with 'load and 'compile' and editors.

It should not interfere with the ASDF :encoding support or with
asdf-encodings.  Users will be able to reliably use a range of
source code character encodings by just making :file-attribute
the default on the SCL and adding an Emacs style coding attribute
to source files.  Code was contributed earlier in the year
to insert the file attribute and/or transcode all of the quicklisp
source distributions so there are lots of options for users and
library authors.

Perhaps the asdf-encodings could be made an implementation
specific support library that is only loaded for CL implementations
without integrated support.

Douglas Crosher

On 12/07/2012 11:50 AM, Faré wrote:
> In the previous thread, I wondered whether to merge asdf-encodings into asdf.
> Any feedback on the proposal?
> SCL plans to essentially do this in their upcoming release (1.4?).
> It's again about 20KB, to add to the current 223KB (feature and size inflation).
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