[asdf-devel] pathname case issue ...

Chun Tian (binghe) binghe.lisp at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 17:52:52 UTC 2011

Hi, Zach

Thanks for providing (ql:setup), now I can normally use Quicklisp after upgrading ASDF.

Hi, Faré

My problem still exists after turn to latest ASDF: every time I eval a definition in LispWorks, it warns me that the definition's location changed from a pathname to another same but lower-cased pathname:

(DEFUN LOAD-MIB) being redefined in /users/binghe/Lisp/cl-net-snmp/snmp/branches/6/update-mib.lisp (previously in /Users/binghe/Lisp/cl-net-snmp/snmp/branches/6/update-mib.lisp).


在 2011-6-16,01:42, Zach Beane 写道:

> "Chun Tian (binghe)" <binghe.lisp at gmail.com> writes:
>> Hi, Faré
>> Sorry, actually I'm using a old ASDF, now the latest. It's from latest Quicklisp, the version is 2.014.6
>> I'm on LispWorks. Currently, every time I manually eval a definition, I was prompted that the definition has been redefined from one file to another ...
>> But if I upgrade to latest ASDF after Quicklisp being loaded, I cannot do ASDF:LOAD-SYSTEM to those packages behind Quicklisp:
> [snip]
>> Error: Component :IRONCLAD not found, required by #<ASDF:SYSTEM "snmp">
>>  1 (continue) Retry loading IRONCLAD.
>>  2 (abort) Return to level 0.
>>  3 Return to top loop level 0.
>> Type :b for backtrace or :c <option number> to proceed.
>> Type :bug-form "<subject>" for a bug report template or :? for other options.
>> Here, IRONCLAD was managed by Quicklisp, but I cannot load it any more.
> Quicklisp systems are located via a function appended to the end of
> this variable with DEFPARAMETER, so every time asdf.lisp is loaded, the
> value is set to ASDF's initial value. It seems to me that ASDF should
> use DEFVAR instead.
> You can restore the Quicklisp ASDF system search configuration by
> calling (ql:setup).
> Zach

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