[asdf-devel] SBCL 1.0.49 / ASDF 2.015.3 doesn't load my asdf systems anymore

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 22:27:06 UTC 2011

> Here is my .sbclrc
> (setf (logical-pathname-translations "costanza")
>      `(("**;*.fasl.*" ,(format nil "/Users/costanza/.cache/common-lisp/~A ~A/**/*.fasl"
>                               (lisp-implementation-type)
>                               (lisp-implementation-version)))
>        ("**;*.*.*" "/Users/costanza/**/*.*")))
> ;;; The following lines added by ql:add-to-init-file:
> #-quicklisp
> (let ((quicklisp-init (merge-pathnames "quicklisp/setup.lisp"
>                                       (user-homedir-pathname))))
>  (when (probe-file quicklisp-init)
>    (load quicklisp-init)))
> And here is my source-registry.conf
> (:source-registry
>  (:directory "costanza:lisp;asdf-integration")
>  (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;cl-scheme")
>  (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;cl-zeroconf-0-2")
>  (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;closer;aspectl")
>  (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;closer;closer-function")
>  (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;closer;closer-mop")
>  (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;closer;contextl")
>  (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;closer;delegation-classes")
>  (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;closer;filtered-functions")
>  (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;closer;hash-classes")
>  (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;closer;mop-features")
>  (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;core-lisp")
>  (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;lw-compat")
>  (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;Pico;CL-Pico")
>  (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;Pico;Pico-0-1")
>  (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;PP;Lonestar-1-1;DelaunayRefinement-001;src;lisp")

Looks like a SBCL bug in how you setup logical pathnames,
that SBCL is catching:

(in-package :asdf)
(setf (logical-pathname-translations "fare")
     `(("**;*.fasl.*" ,(format nil "/home/fare/.cache/common-lisp/~A/**/*.fasl"
       ("**;*.*.*" "/home/fare/**/*.*")))

;; emulating what directory-asd-files does.
(merge-pathnames* *wild-asd*  #P"FARE:CL;FARE-UTILS;")
;;=> error: Pathname components from SOURCE and FROM args to TRANSLATE-PATHNAME
did not match: NIL "FASL"

;; If you translate the logical pathname, it works:
(directory* (translate-logical-pathname #P"FARE:CL;FARE-UTILS;*.ASD.NEWEST"))
;;=> value: (#P"/home/fare/cl/fare-utils/fare-utils.asd")
;; BTW (directory* x) is just (directory x :resolve-symlinks nil)

So logical-pathnames do not commute with directory in SBCL.

Note that I'll also be surprised if those dual-case pathnames work.
"Pico" will be read in uppercase as "PICO" as per the CLHS, and
then attempted as "pico" on the filesystem side. Unless of course
you add another translation rule for each physical pathname that
doesn't fit the logical-pathname portability restrictions.

NB: why don't you just use the following?

  (:tree #-mcl "/Users/costanza/lisp/"
         #+mcl "Macintosh HD:Users:costanza:lisp:"))

Good luck!

> Thanks for taking care of this.
> Best,
> Pascal
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> Pascal Costanza
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Would it be the classic "missing a directory separator at the end of
the namestring"?

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