[asdf-devel] SBCL 1.0.49 / ASDF 2.015.3 doesn't load my asdf systems anymore

Pascal Costanza pc at p-cos.net
Fri Jun 10 21:04:42 UTC 2011

On 10 Jun 2011, at 23:00, Nikodemus Siivola wrote:

> On 10 June 2011 23:48, Pascal Costanza <pc at p-cos.net> wrote:
>> * (asdf:load-system :closer-mop)
>> debugger invoked on a ASDF:MISSING-COMPONENT: Component "closer-mop" not found
> I can't reproduce this, so I'm guessing this has to do with your specific setup.
> Can you email the relevant bits of your lisp initialization files / ASDF setup?
> Cheers,
> -- nikodemus

Here is my .sbclrc

(setf (logical-pathname-translations "costanza")
      `(("**;*.fasl.*" ,(format nil "/Users/costanza/.cache/common-lisp/~A ~A/**/*.fasl"
        ("**;*.*.*" "/Users/costanza/**/*.*")))

;;; The following lines added by ql:add-to-init-file:
(let ((quicklisp-init (merge-pathnames "quicklisp/setup.lisp"
  (when (probe-file quicklisp-init)
    (load quicklisp-init)))

And here is my source-registry.conf


 (:directory "costanza:lisp;asdf-integration")

 (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;cl-scheme")
 (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;cl-zeroconf-0-2")
 (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;closer;aspectl")
 (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;closer;closer-function")
 (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;closer;closer-mop")
 (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;closer;contextl")
 (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;closer;delegation-classes")
 (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;closer;filtered-functions")
 (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;closer;hash-classes")
 (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;closer;mop-features")
 (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;core-lisp")
 (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;lw-compat")
 (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;Pico;CL-Pico")
 (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;Pico;Pico-0-1")
 (:directory "costanza:lisp;develop;PP;Lonestar-1-1;DelaunayRefinement-001;src;lisp")

 #-mcl :inherit-configuration                                                                                                          
 #+mcl :ignore-inherited-configuration)                                                                                                

Thanks for taking care of this.


Pascal Costanza
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