[asdf-devel] Linkkit

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 18:20:01 UTC 2011

I have a wishlist item for SBCL: it would be self-enclosed
application delivery into a single executable that includes not only
the Lisp image, but also additional statically compiled C libraries.
CLISP has a "linkkit" for that, and ECL can do it, too.

If I understand what nyef told me, we might have to have some magic
linker script and function annotations to ensure that magic functions
are located at an address known to Lisp code despite new code being
linked into the .text and .data segments. Typically, we'd either
ensure the proper objects files are linked first, or you'd create a
magic segment(s) different from .text and/or .data, that starts at a
magic address, in which to compile the stuff that the Lisp image will
expect to be at a known address.

Is some SBCL hacker interested in doing that? Or maybe only add it to
the S BCL TODO file? Or maybe someone can explain me WHICH functions
and datastructures must be at a fixed address, and then I can try to
write the linker script myself using my experience from bootstrapping
kernels on a new machine.

Thanks a whole lot!

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