[asdf-devel] source file encoding

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Sat Jan 29 17:08:49 UTC 2011

On 29 January 2011 11:18, Cyrus Harmon <ch-lisp at bobobeach.com> wrote:
> And, even worse, how do we asdf:load-op .asd files that contain non-ascii characters? (besides changing the locale, which, while it will work for a single .asd file, doesn't address the issue of how to load multiple ASDF systems from different locales).
Probably one of the below makes sense:
1- we don't do it, and declare it non-portable.
2- we don't do it, and enforce loading in US-ASCII, a la SBCL
3- we say it's whatever trivial byte to character encoding the
implementation provides, and use iso-8859-1 on all platforms that have
4- we embrace Unicode, and say it's UTF-8 by default wherever
supported, falling back to iso-8859-1 or whatever on implementations
that don't have it.

I'd vote for 4.

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