[asdf-devel] source file encoding

Cyrus Harmon ch-lisp at bobobeach.com
Sat Jan 29 16:18:24 UTC 2011

And, even worse, how do we asdf:load-op .asd files that contain non-ascii characters? (besides changing the locale, which, while it will work for a single .asd file, doesn't address the issue of how to load multiple ASDF systems from different locales).



On Jan 29, 2011, at 4:24 AM, Anton Vodonosov wrote:

> Hello.
> How to specify source files encoding in ASD2? I.e. what value to pass to the :external-format argument of the compile-file?
> In the old ASDF I did it by 
> (let ((asdf:*compile-file-external-format* #+:clisp charset:cp1251 
>                       #+:sbcl :cp1251))
>  (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :mysystem))
> But today the variable asdf:*compile-file-external-format* does not exist. Also, it of course would be better
> to specify the encoding in the .asd file (the system author knows the files encoding, and should care 
> about this, but not the system user).
> Could you advise me how to do it?
> Best regards,
> - Anton
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