[asdf-devel] Error writing some output translation

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 23:36:19 UTC 2010

> the output-translations layer seems to be working fine and doing its job.
> However, something else seems broken, that supplies the path
> d:/grouptix/d:/lisp/cl-pdf/pdf-template.ofasl to AOT, so something
> is horribly wrong earlier.
> Can you contact me over IRC or Skype (fahree), gtalk (fahree at gmail.com), etc.
> so we may debug this interactively?
> Or programmatically trace about every bound internal symbol in package ASDF
> and send me the output?
That's how to do it:
(eval `(trace ,@(loop :for s :being :each :present-symbol :of :asdf
:when (and (fboundp s) (not (macro-function s))) :collect s)))

the output will be massive. If you can paste.lisp.org and/or compress
and attach it, it would be great.

I suspect truenamize to do something wrong in some case.

Do you know where the d:/grouptix/ comes from?

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