[asdf-devel] Pushed :here-directive topic branch

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Wed Nov 24 04:24:20 UTC 2010

This branch has patches that add the :here directive to Faré's
configuration DSL.  This allows for configuration files to have contents

   (:tree (:here "src/lisp/"))
   (:tree (:here "extlib/lisp"))
   (:directory (:here "outlier/")))

... which means if, for instance, I have a source repo with a complex
set of directories and .asd files, I can commit a .conf file into the
repo and tell you just to "source" it through ASDF, and you'll
automagically see all the .asd files in the directory.

This is particularly useful when you don't want people to have to have
ASDF grovel over the entire source tree in their working directories.  I
have found this to be desirable, as I often work in source trees that
contain not just lisp code, but Java code (which generates /very/ big
trees to search) and data files.

I think this meets Faré's design principle that "everyone can specify
what he knows, but doesn't have to specify what he doesn't know."

I am checking this in on a topic branch for easy inspection before
inclusion (I hope).  The new feature of the DSL is also documented in
the texinfo manual.


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