[asdf-devel] summary proposal for COMMON_LISP_PATH and system search changes

Tobias C. Rittweiler tcr at freebits.de
Sun Sep 27 16:26:06 UTC 2009

Robert Goldman writes:

> Gary King wrote:
>> Here is a summary of what I've heard and what I think we should do.
>> # Proposal Summary
>> These are independent but make the most sense if taken as a
>> whole.
>>   * Specify new defaults for `*central-registry*`,
>>   * use an environment variable named `COMMON_LISP_PATH` to
>>     override ASDF's defaults,
> Here's a use case for which I don't think this is good --- consider a
> person who uses more than a single Common Lisp implementation (e.g., ACL
> + SBCL + CCL).  Is it problematic to have a single COMMON_LISP_PATH
> environment variable?
> Maybe it's not, and we should just say "if you're going to do something
> this complicated, you'll have to do some engineering of your init files
> that's more complicated than setting a variable /anyway/, so you're not
> the sort of person for whom this was intended."

If you read my original posting, I was looking for a shared registry
place exactly for the case of using several implementations at once,
and not having to bother with all their idiosyncratic init files.


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