[asdf-devel] updating ccl's bundled asdf

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Wed Sep 23 05:52:59 UTC 2009

Daniel Herring wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Sep 2009, R. Matthew Emerson wrote:
>> We bundle an ASDF version that's about a year old or so (1.130) with
>> Clozure CL.
>> If I want to bundle a newer ASDF with CCL, what version should it be?
>> There seem to have been half a dozen releases in the past couple of
>> months.  Would it be best to wait a little longer for things to settle
>> down?
> I'd wait a week or two; A-B-L was recently merged into ASDF, ECL has some 
> changes to merge in, ABCL may as well, and I have a minor tweak to submit 
> for Clisp on Windows and a SBCL change that needs discussion.
> On the CCL front, I have an old ccl-init.lisp that contained
> ;;; Hook ASDF into REQUIRE
> (defun asdf::module-provide-asdf (name)
>    (handler-bind ((style-warning #'muffle-warning))
>      (let* ((asdf::*verbose-out* (make-broadcast-stream))
>             (system (asdf:find-system name nil)))
>        (when system
>          (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op name)
>          t))))
> (pushnew 'asdf::module-provide-asdf *module-provider-functions*)
> I forget where I found this.  What do you think about putting (something 
> like) this into mainline ASDF?

I'm out of town at a conference, and am not able to check this right
now, but I would suggest we proceed with caution here.  I use Allegro a
lot and I know that they have already hooked require into their
proprietary extensions.  I don't have any idea what would happen if we
were to jump in there.

I also don't know how portable the means are to inject ASDF into
require.  *MODULE-PROVIDER-FUNCTIONS* isn't ANSI CL, is it?

It's always bothered me a little to use REQUIRE and PROVIDE anyway, on
aesthetic grounds, since they are officially deprecated.


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