[asdf-devel] announce : 1.365

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Fri Sep 11 20:46:45 UTC 2009

Stelian Ionescu wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-09-11 at 15:31 -0400, Gary King wrote:
>> This release includes ASDF-binary-locations in the ASDF.lisp file and  
>> makes some effort to improve the tagging / revision logic (with assist  
>> from Robert Goldman).
>> I'm going to get ABL documentation into ASDF and (finally) incorporate  
>> Faré's patch too.
> There's something fishy with
> (defvar *asdf-revision* 
>   ;; the 1+ hair is to ensure that we don't do an inadvartent find and
> replace
>   (subseq "REVISION:1.365"))))
> there are two extra closing parens(so the file doesn't compile), also
> the call to subseq is incorrect because one required arg is missing and
> there's a typo in the comment: inadvertant instead of inadvertent.
> Also, I've attached a couple of patches.

FWIW, I came up with an insanely complex solution to this problem.  I
believe that what should be done is that we should make a CHECKOUT hook
that will stuff the tag value in with a simple one-liner.


That way everyone who's running from the repo will automagically get a
value in *asdf-revision*.

I /believe/ that this hooking could also be made to work on export, too.

Unfortunately, I have big conference travel coming up and don't have
time to figure out how to get this to work right now...

I bet a git wizard with a glance at the above page could easily figure
out a solution that would be much less baroque than my SHOP (Steaming
Heap o' Perl...).


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