[asdf-devel] I think new ASDF has busted asdf-binary-locations

Attila Lendvai attila.lendvai at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 12:58:55 UTC 2009

> Maybe this would be a good time to push A-B-L into the ASDF repository?
>  I've always been in favor of this, acnyway, since it's such a critical
> extension.  IMO it would be great if anyone who had ASDF could also get
> A-B-L with no more work than a call to asdf:oos.

why with an asdf:oos? why not just incorporate the functionality into
asdf? (possibly with such default values that preserve the current,
imho bad, practice of writing .fasl files all around the disk)

just my 0.02,


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