[asdf-devel] ASDF::COERCE-NAME string-downcases symbols, but lets strings untouched

Tobias C. Rittweiler tcr at freebits.de
Sat Nov 21 00:17:04 UTC 2009

(defun coerce-name (name)
  (typecase name
    (component (component-name name))
    (symbol (string-downcase (symbol-name name)))
    (string name)
    (t (sysdef-error "~@<invalid component designator ~A~@:>" name))))

I first thought this was some bad kludge to support modern-mode. But
vc-annotate told me that was introduced by Nikodemus.

What is the reason that symbols are downcased but strings not?

It makes


be different from


which is just weird.


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