[asdf-devel] Patch to asdf:run-shell-command

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Sun May 17 20:16:43 UTC 2009

Bug:  Running ACL under SLIME, asdf:run-shell-command raises an error.
The problem is that the *verbose-out* that is passed to
run-shell-command has been bound by SLIME to a gray stream.  This is not
an acceptable argument to pass to :output for excl:run-shell-command.

Here is a proposed patch.


diff --git a/asdf.lisp b/asdf.lisp
index aa1066b..82c9de3 100644
--- a/asdf.lisp
+++ b/asdf.lisp
@@ -1323,7 +1323,12 @@ output to *VERBOSE-OUT*.  Returns the shell's
exit code."
       :input nil :output *verbose-out*))

-    (excl:run-shell-command command :input nil :output *verbose-out*)
+    (multiple-value-bind (stdout stderr exit-code)
+        (excl.osi:command-output command :input nil :whole t)
+      (format *verbose-out* "; ~A~%" stderr)
+      (format *verbose-out* "; ~A~%" stdout)
+      exit-code)
+    ;;(excl:run-shell-command command :input nil :output *verbose-out*)


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