[asdf-devel] Patch for ACL 8.0

Jeff Palmucci jpalmucci at csail.mit.edu
Mon Jul 6 16:50:20 UTC 2009

When loading the git version of asdf under ACL 8.0, you get the  
following worrying message:

Warning: Nested reader conditional detected on
install/../asdf/asdf.lisp" for input pos 52418>.
          The behavior of this feature of ACL changed between ACL 7.0
          and 8.0 to be more in line with the intent of the ANS
          specification.  You should examine the code in question to
          make sure it does what you intend.  In ACL 8.0, (list
          #+allegro :allegro #-allegro #+foo :foo #-foo :default)
          evaluates to (:allegro) instead of (:allegro :default) as in
          ACL 7.0 and before. See the documentation for

Here as a patch to fix the problem.

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