ABCL Docker Images

Eric Timmons etimmons at
Thu Nov 12 16:09:45 UTC 2020

Mark Evenson <evenson at> writes:

> Looks just fine.  I think I will adopt some of your conventions for the docker
> entrypoint and other things from your binary-based Dockerfiles, with the
> [source-based Dockerfile recipe in the ABCL tree][1] so that I user can use
> either one interchangibly without surprise.
> [1]: <>

Great! I was doing one last pass on the binary Dockerfiles and realized
that the release should *probably* be unpacked in /usr/local/share
instead of /usr/local/lib. I'll make that change and submit sometime

> What can I do as the ABCL Release Engineer to get changes to your Dockerfiles
> when ABCL is released?  Submit a pull request?  Use a more credentialed
> public/private key pair when I sign the releases?

If you could submit a pull request on release that'd be fantastic! For
the upcoming 1.8.1 release, I think you should need to do only the
following things:

1. Run `./ 1.8.1`
2. Delete the 1.8.0 folder
3. Update the aliases map in
4. Commit all changes and make a pull request

After merging, all the building for the "unofficial" images should
happen automatically. Then presuming evertyhing looks good I'll update
the manifest and ask the Docker Official Images team to merge it.

I don't think anything needs to be changed about the key pair. There are
no requirements on how trusted it is, etc. only that the full
fingerprint be used and easily visible so they and any other user can
confirm it's the correct one. If you do decide to change the key for
whatever reason, just update it in the Dockerfile templates before
running the script.


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