Bug report: Loading a FASL into a package which doesn't import SETQ

Robert Munyer 2433647181 at munyer.com
Wed Nov 11 02:44:56 UTC 2020

>> To be honest, I think the problem is with the FASL generator:
>> it should be prefixing (all) symbols with their packages when
>> that's required to load the FASL back into a similar environment.

Yes.  Here is some debug code:

; put this before COMPILE-FILE's definition:

(defvar cl-user::*setq-needs-prefix* nil)

; put this around COMPILE-FILE's body:

(let ((cl-user::*setq-needs-prefix* (not (eq (find-symbol "SETQ") 'setq))))


; put this before WRITE's definition:

(defvar cl-user::*setq-needs-prefix* nil)

; put this before WRITE's body:

(when (and cl-user::*setq-needs-prefix* (eq (find-symbol "SETQ") 'setq))
  (break "SETQ needs package prefix"))

Backtracing within that BREAK points a finger at this line in

            (let ((*package* (find-package '#:cl))

If I add one semicolon:

            (let (;(*package* (find-package '#:cl))

then all of my own tests pass, though I haven't tried the full suite.

It's conceivably possible that _all_ of the manipulation of *PACKAGE*
that happens during COMPILE-FILE could be removed, because the user is
already required to have *PACKAGE* set correctly when invoking LOAD.

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