How to load the jna jar file before cffi?

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On Sat, May 13, 2017 at 4:21 PM Mark Evenson <evenson at> wrote:

> On 5/12/17 15:36, Mirko Vukovic wrote:
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> > I don't have jna.asd anywhere on my computer
> It is packaged as part of `abcl-contrib.jar`.
> […]
> snip ...

> This indicates that for some reason your installation cannot locate
> abcl-contrib.jar.

Summary: abcl-contrib is fine, but there is an issue with Maven (even
though mvn.bat is in path). Details below:

* Loading ABCL- CONTRIB:

Below is the output of my --no-init startup.  I compared my output with
yours, and I don't see anything substantially different. Loading
abcl-contrib works fine.  The ASDF version is

org.armedbear.lisp.Main --noinit
Armed Bear Common Lisp 1.4.0
Java 1.7.0_51 Oracle Corporation
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM
Low-level initialization completed in 0.279 seconds.
Startup completed in 3.79 seconds.
Type ":help" for a list of available commands.
CL-USER(1): ; Loading
C:/Users/977315/.emacs.d/elisp/slime/swank-loader.lisp ...
; Loaded C:/Users/977315/.emacs.d/elisp/slime/swank-loader.lisp (3.379
;; Swank started at port: 60222.
CL-USER(2): (require :abcl-contrib)

Using probed value of abcl-contrib:
jar:file:C:/mv-program-files/abcl-bin-1.4.0/abcl-contrib.jar!/quicklisp/ to
Added jar:file:C:/mv-program-files/abcl-bin-1.4.0/abcl-contrib.jar!/mvn/ to
Added jar:file:C:/mv-program-files/abcl-bin-1.4.0/abcl-contrib.jar!/jss/ to
Added jar:file:C:/mv-program-files/abcl-bin-1.4.0/abcl-contrib.jar!/jfli/
to ASDF.
jar:file:C:/mv-program-files/abcl-bin-1.4.0/abcl-contrib.jar!/asdf-jar/ to
jar:file:C:/mv-program-files/abcl-bin-1.4.0/abcl-contrib.jar!/abcl-asdf/ to
("uiop" "UIOP" "asdf" "ASDF" "ABCL-CONTRIB")

* Loading QUICKLISP, CFFI, leading to Maven error

Once I load quicklisp, I try loading CFFI, where I get

;   Unable to locate Maven executable to find Maven Aether adaptors.

mvn.bat is in my path.  I can execute it from the Command shell.  I really
poorly understand Java setup, and its environment.

Also from within ABCL:
(uiop/run-program:run-program '("where" "mvn.bat") :output :string)
"C:\\Program Files\\apache-maven-3.3.9\\bin\\mvn.bat

A few more details on how you have installed ABCL locally and how you
> are invoking it would be helpful (i.e. "I downloaded;
> unzipped in a directory, and I invoke it with this command").

I don't recall how I installed it, although it was not straightforward.
For example, I extracted the startup bat file from the online repository
and formatted it so it would work.

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