How to call System.getProperty("user.home") from ABCL

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On Tue, Jun 20, 2017 at 3:02 AM Mark Evenson <evenson at> wrote:

> On 6/17/17 10:12, Marco Antoniotti wrote:
> > Well.  Looks like a bug in ABCL USER-HOMEDIR-PATHNAME to me.

This is not an ABCL bug.  Thanks to Olof-Joachim's instructions:

CL-USER> (jstatic "getProperty" "java.lang.System" "user.home")

in accordance to the documentation.  I now need to figure out why Java and
ABCL think that "user.home" is
"C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\config\\systemprofile".  It may be something in the
computer setup that was modified last week by our IT.

PS - I never thought it was a bug, but wanted to dig a bit deeper into my
JVM environment.

> ABCL's [USER-HOMEDIR-PATHNAME][1] quite clearly directly uses the value
> of 'user.home' Java system property.
> [1]:
> From [Section 2.2 of the manual][manual]:
> The user’s home directory is determined by the value of the JVM system
> property 'user.home'. This value may or may not correspond to the value
> of the HOME system environment variable, at the discretion of the JVM
> implementation that ABCL finds itself hosted upon.
> [manual]:
> I don't see that the current behavior is a bug in ABCL, but rather the
> result of the JVM implementation that you are running.
> If y'all see this is a bug, how would you have us "fix" it?
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