Merge RUN-PROCESS work from ferada, olof, pipping, (was Re: run-program patch / better UIOP support)

Mark Evenson evenson at
Wed Sep 7 09:13:12 UTC 2016

> On 30 Aug 2016, at 20:51, Olof-Joachim Frahm <olof at> wrote:
> Hi again,
> after Elias mentioned his work on UIOP I've produced a small patch that
> improves compatibility with regards to process spawning quite a bit, see
> attached (or from [1]).  Missing is the option to pass in custom streams
> (which some other implementations support), as that's quite a bit more
> work with the `ProcessBuilder` interface and would require shuffling
> data back and forth in a separate thread perhaps.
> For Windows compatibility (for `process-pid`) I'm a bit stumped how
> that'd work with standard Java, thus it's currently unsupported.

The code in [the ABCL swank implementation][1] represents my attempt at such
abstraction.  We should refactor into an EXT:PROCESS interface.


> Best regards,
> Olof
> [1]:
> <run-more-programs.patch>

Merged to <>


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