Fixing CFFI and JAVA:JNEW-RUNTIME-CLASS (was Re: r14858 (was Re: r14857 breaks CFFI (was Re: Assorted patches)))

Mark Evenson evenson at
Sat Oct 15 12:53:10 UTC 2016

On 2016/9/30 00:15, Mark Evenson wrote:


>> Apparently, this [one breaks CFFI][1].  Looking at how to fix, but my
>> time is limited, as I am real busy with the [latest startup to use ABCL][2].
> Incorrect triage on my part:  the [actual offending patch][r14858] is
> the tres cool extension to the generation of synthetic runtime
> constructors contributed by Olof (  The
> patch seems to cause memory corruption (in various NNNstrcmpXXX parts of
> libc) in at least the currently shipping macOS ORCL JVM.  More tests
> pending.


> [r14858]:
>> [1]:

Good news:  thanks to a tip from Anton, I have worked out the source of
my problems with getting Olof's work on JNEW-RUNTIME-CLASS.  The problem
occurs when one is using a pre cffi-0.18.0 release, as is the case with
Quicklisp 2016-09-29.  Presumably, both Olof and Elias are using the
"correct" version of cffi, so never saw these problems.  Note to future
self:  provide a simple Lisp form that would transcribe how all
ASDF/Quicklisp dependencies are resolved on a given installation for
diagnostics in the future

For those wishing to "patch" existing Quicklisp installation one can add
a functioning version of cffi-0.18.0 quickly via:

  cd ~/quicklisp/local-projects && git clone -b v0.18.0

All ASDF definitions that are placed under
<file:~/quicklisp/local-projects> override those defined by a given
Quicklisp dist.  When Quicklisp gets updated, be sure to remove this
local directory.

[Olof's contributions to JNEW-RUNTIME-CLASS][r14903] have been restored
to trunk in all their glory.


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