Automating install on Linux and Mac

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at
Mon Oct 10 12:53:45 UTC 2016

On 10/10/16 Oct 10 -6:38 AM, Mark Evenson wrote:
> On 2016/10/9 18:38, Robert Goldman wrote:
>> I was reading over the install instructions, and since I have to install
>> ABCL on multiple platforms, I thought I would automate the process (at
>> least for Mac and Linux).
>> The approach I have taken requires the use of "stow", to get all the
>> bits of ABCL where you want them, and critically automates getting the
>> paths right.
>> Attached please find (1) a Makefile that automates the construction of
>> the "abcl" executable script, the abcl rlwrap completions, and the
>> installation in preparation for the use of "stow". (2) an
>> "abcl_template" file that the makefile will modify so that it can find
>> completions and jar files (both the main one and the contrib). (3) an
>> abcl_completions.lisp file that writes the completions.  Adding them to
>> the abcl-1.4.0 directory from the tarballs lets you do this:
> Fantastic!  Checking how much I can port over to pure CL via
> UIOP/RUN-PROGRAM invocations, as if we eliminate the use of `make` we
> can install under generic Windows…
> Stay tuned.
Right. Note that if you do that, you need to also figure out how to
replace my use of stow, which I do not believe is available on Windows.

My approach is important on Linux and Mac because that Unix-oid
framework has strong notions of where software belongs so that it can be
found.  I don't know that Windows has any equivalent.

But then, I don't know much about the Windows platform.


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