publish system::expand-deftype ?

Mark Evenson evenson at
Mon Jun 13 05:18:56 UTC 2016

On 2016/6/12 21:35, Massimiliano Ghilardi wrote:
> Hello,
> for my library
> I need the function introspect-environment:typexpand, which expands
> DEFTYPE'd types, similarly to what CL:MACROEXPAND does for macros.
> Even though introspect-environment does not support ABCL,
> I found that system::expand-deftype does exactly what I need,
> yet I am wary of using a non-exported symbol from ABCL.
> Is system::expand-deftype stable enough to be published as an ABCL extension
> to ANSI CL and to be used to implement introspect-environment:typexpand ?

The exported/imported status of symbols is very haphazard at this point,
so I would not take the non-exported status of SYS::EXPAND-DEFTYPE as
necessarily having any real meaning.  My advice would be to go ahead,
use the current symbol seeing if the implementation is robust enough for
your usage.  Then if someone gets the time, we should patch the
implementation moving EXPAND-DEFTYPE to be exported from EXTENSIONS
while leaving SYS::EXPAND-DEFTYPE with a note for future deprecation.

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