IO bug

Mark Evenson evenson at
Mon Aug 15 06:07:47 UTC 2016

On 7/23/16 16:32, Vibhu Mohindra wrote:
> Hi,
> needed fixing. I've modified the version
> in abcl-1.3.2 and attached it. It makes my original test case pass. It
> also makes Stas's shorter test case pass.
> I've also attached Java versions of those two test cases.


Thanks for the patch!

I'd like to get your tests running, but I need some insight into the
nature of the test data.  So, what exactly are the contents of
"test.dat" and "test3.dat"?  And what problems are you testing?

Feel free to email the contents of these files to my private address if
the mailing list has problems and/or the contents are too large.


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