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John Pallister john at
Tue Nov 24 14:55:55 UTC 2015

Hah, I've just noticed that my patch wasn't against the latest version of
asdf-jar.lisp... I'll wait for some feedback before I spend more time on
this, but I don't mind having another look at it. I'm definitely running
the latest version:

TEMP> (lisp-implementation-version)

On 24 November 2015 at 11:25, John Pallister <john at> wrote:

> Hello list,
> I've been trying to use ABCL-JAR to package up my app for deployment to
> Google App Engine. I've come across a few issues; any comments would be
> appreciated. I've attached a patch to the ABCL-JAR:PACKAGE function that
> Works For Me(TM).
> For the original code, see
> First, there was an issue where if the ROOT parameter is NIL the function
> would fail at line 90.
> Second, The SYSTEM:ZIP function didn't want to nest JARs within the new
> JAR, so systems that depended on e.g. JSS via abcl-contrib.jar would fail.
> I filter out files in JARs on the assumption that one will just distribute
> those JARs along with the new one.
> Third, my ASDF file includes a system that looks like:
> (asdf:defsystem #:gabacle-clack-java
>   :defsystem-depends-on (#:abcl-asdf)
>   :version "0.1"
>   :description "Java interface classes for Gabacle/Clack."
>   :depends-on ()
>   :components ((:module java-src
> :pathname "src/"
> :components ((:class-file-directory "java")))))
> This may or may not be good style, but it seems to be legal. When
> traversing the ASDF files, the class file directory component comes back
> with a PATHNAME-TYPE of :UNSPECIFIC, so I filter such entries out so that
> SYSTEM:ZIP doesn't object.
> On a minor note, at
> "incorporation" is spelled "incoporation".
> I hope this is useful. If people could point out where I've just got the
> wrong end of the stick, that would be great...
> Cheers,
> John :^P
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> John Pallister
> john at
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