ABCL-JAR issues & patch

John Pallister john at
Tue Nov 24 11:25:34 UTC 2015

Hello list,

I've been trying to use ABCL-JAR to package up my app for deployment to
Google App Engine. I've come across a few issues; any comments would be
appreciated. I've attached a patch to the ABCL-JAR:PACKAGE function that
Works For Me(TM).

For the original code, see

First, there was an issue where if the ROOT parameter is NIL the function
would fail at line 90.

Second, The SYSTEM:ZIP function didn't want to nest JARs within the new
JAR, so systems that depended on e.g. JSS via abcl-contrib.jar would fail.
I filter out files in JARs on the assumption that one will just distribute
those JARs along with the new one.

Third, my ASDF file includes a system that looks like:

(asdf:defsystem #:gabacle-clack-java
  :defsystem-depends-on (#:abcl-asdf)
  :version "0.1"
  :description "Java interface classes for Gabacle/Clack."
  :depends-on ()
  :components ((:module java-src
:pathname "src/"
:components ((:class-file-directory "java")))))

This may or may not be good style, but it seems to be legal. When
traversing the ASDF files, the class file directory component comes back
with a PATHNAME-TYPE of :UNSPECIFIC, so I filter such entries out so that
SYSTEM:ZIP doesn't object.

On a minor note, at
"incorporation" is spelled "incoporation".

I hope this is useful. If people could point out where I've just got the
wrong end of the stick, that would be great...


John :^P
John Pallister
john at
john at
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--- asdf-jar.lisp at 14695	2015-11-24 10:29:22.000000000 +0000
+++ asdf-jar.lisp-jdp	2015-11-24 11:03:57.000000000 +0000
@@ -56,23 +56,26 @@
       (format verbose "~&Packaging contents in ~A" package-jar))
     (when (and verbose recursive dependencies) 
       (format verbose "~&  with recursive dependencies~{ ~A~^, ~}." dependencies))
+    (flet ((set-mapping (from to)
+	     (unless (string-equal (subseq (namestring from) 0 4) "jar:")
+	       (setf (gethash from mapping) to))))
     (dolist (system (append (list system) 
                             (when recursive 
                               (mapcar #'asdf:find-system dependencies))))
       (let ((base (slot-value system 'asdf::absolute-pathname))
             (name (slot-value system 'asdf::name))
             (asdf (slot-value system 'asdf::source-file)))
-        (setf (gethash asdf mapping) (let ((relative-path (archive-relative-path 
-                                                           base name asdf)))
+	  (set-mapping asdf (let ((relative-path (archive-relative-path base name asdf)))
                                        (if root
-                                         (merge-pathnames
-                                          relative-path
+				  (merge-pathnames relative-path
                                           (make-pathname :directory root))
         (loop :for component :in (all-files system) 
            :for source = (slot-value component 'asdf::absolute-pathname)
            :for source-entry = (archive-relative-path base name source)
-           :do (setf (gethash source mapping)
+	     :when (stringp (pathname-type source))
+	     :do (set-mapping source
                      (if root 
                          (merge-pathnames source-entry (make-pathname :directory root))
@@ -80,19 +83,19 @@
                  (format verbose "~&~A~& => ~A" source source-entry))
            :when (and (typep component 'asdf::source-file)
                       (not (typep component 'asdf::static-file)))
-           :do (let ((output 
-                      (make-pathname
-                       :defaults (asdf:apply-output-translations source)
+	     :do (let* ((output 
+			 (make-pathname :defaults (asdf:apply-output-translations source)
                        :type "abcl"))
+			(directory (pathname-directory source-entry))
                       (make-pathname :defaults source-entry 
                                      :type "abcl"
-                                     :directory (append root
-                                                        (rest (pathname-directory source-entry))))))
+					:directory (if root
+						       (append root (rest directory))
+						       directory))))
                  (when *debug*
                    (format verbose "~&~A~& => ~A" output output-entry))
-                 (setf (gethash output mapping)
-                       output-entry)))))
+		   (set-mapping output output-entry))))))
     (system:zip package-jar mapping)))
 (defun all-files (component)

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