Build ABCL with Maven using these updated POM files.

Ralph Ritoch rritoch at
Tue Jul 21 17:27:43 UTC 2015


I have created some maven POM files which can be used to build and deploy
ABCL with maven. There have been a few modifications to these over the past
few days and there is probably room for improvement but these make it
possible to build and depoy ABCL with the normal maven lifecycle.

Included are the following

  pom.xml => abcl\pom.xml (abcl-parent)
  main-pom.xml => abcl\main\pom.xml (abcl)
  contrib-pom.xml => abcl\contrib\pom.xml (abcl-contrib)

Note: Filenames are relative to the trunk so they include the abcl prefix.

These have been posted as a gist on github at

I have tested by deploying to my localrepo and the abcl artifact is

Additional work may be needed on the abcl-contrib artifact POM because I'm
unsure how to test it. The file size is similar to the one generated by ant
so it may be correct.

Best Regards,
  Ralph Ritoch
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