Proposal to improve the loading of the abcl-contrib dependency.

Mark Evenson evenson at
Sat Aug 1 22:15:50 UTC 2015

On 2015/8/1 19:30, Ralph Ritoch wrote:

> I wasn't aware that ABCL already has an
> extensibility system for the lifecycle, such as
> SYS:*MODULE-PROVIDER-FUNCTIONS*. If that can be used to override the
> default places to search for the abcl-contrib packages, than great. I
> didn't notice it in the code I was looking at.  The core problem that needs
> to be solved is making a reasonable deployment system for distributed
> single-jar (uberjar) applications. 


An additional mechanism for modifying ABCL behavior at startup lies in
the ability to [add arbitrary code to the contents of system.lisp][1].
One could use this to install an additional hook to
SYS:*MODULE-PROVIDER-FUNCTIONS* which would be able to satisfy the
(REQUIRE :abcl-contrib) by referring to PATHNAMEs within the current
jar.  Thus, one could boot an überjar without recourse to anything
additional in ABCL.


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