Proposal to improve the loading of the abcl-contrib dependency.

Mark Evenson evenson at
Sat Aug 1 18:39:08 UTC 2015

On 2015/8/1 19:30, Ralph Ritoch wrote:
> Mark,
>    When I refer to the application lifecycle I am specifically referring to
> the "start" phase of an application where dependencies need to be loaded
> and configured. 

"Birth. School. Work. Death" is a lifecycle.  "The loading of
dependencies" is but a phase in a lifecycle.


> ASDF is a lisp system with no specific support for java.

Not true:  ASDF contains ABCL specific code to load systems from jar
files, among other specializations.   And ABCL-ASDF extends ASDF to
include support for specifying Maven artifacts and additional points to
load artifacts into the classloader.


> I don't see much need to go beyond that
> since quicklisp is included in the contrib library.

Quicklisp is not included in the contrib library:  QUICKLISP-ABCL is a
loading shim that can fetch Quicklisp from the network.


>  When it comes time to deal with OSGI
> and Java 9 integration issues, the problem of loading contrib libraries, or
> other libraries, will only get worse if this isn't solved within ABCL. 

Other libraries *can* be loaded via ASDF; it is merely the location of
ABCL-CONTRIB that is currently special.


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