[Armedbear-devel] How to get a fresh session or instance

Robert Dodier robert.dodier at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 18:24:28 UTC 2014

On 2014-12-10, Alessio Stalla <alessiostalla at gmail.com> wrote:

> I mean, if shared state is only in the form of variables inside Maxima (not
> global Lisp stuff like variables in the common-lisp package, the MOP etc.),
> then
> (defpackage :maxima ...)
> (load-everything-maxima)
> (rename-package :maxima :maxima-session-1234)
> would give you a new Maxima instance in the same Lisp image.

Hmm, this seems a little problematic for Maxima. There are a number of
explicit references to the package :maxima so those can't be resolved
after the package is renamed. Is there any way to automatically
redirect those references to the renamed package?

I could at least create a per-session package and put the sessions's
functions, variables, etc into that. It wouldn't help with global
state, but at least the per-session states wouldn't overlap.


Robert Dodier

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