[Armedbear-devel] controlling from where ASDF loads .abcl files

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Fri Apr 25 18:03:35 UTC 2014

Robert Dodier wrote:
> Thanks for taking a look at it, Anton. I think the problem was that
> maxima.asd defined a nonstandard place for .abcl files to be written,
> and then ASDF didn't look in that place to load them. At one time
> (couple of years ago) it worked, but I guess ASDF has changed since then.
> No problem there. I've figured out how to make it work again, which I posted
> in another message.
> best,
> Robert Dodier

For the record, *no* system should define the destination for its
compiled files.  Fare's design principle for ASDF (which I
wholeheartedly endorse) is that the system developer knows what the
files are, so she gets to specify that.  But the system developer does
*not* know about the user's machine, so the user (through an API that
ASDF exposes) gets to specify where the output files are to live.

If maxima tries to control the location of the compiled files, that's a
bug in its ASDF system definition, and you should report that to the
maintainers.  If they need help with anything related to that, feel free
to point them to me for assistance.


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