[Armedbear-devel] Java issues with 1.3.0 on OpenBSD

Timo Myyrä timo.myyra at wickedbsd.net
Sun Apr 27 09:13:29 UTC 2014

Mark Evenson <evenson at panix.com> writes:

> On 27 Apr 2014, at 08:47, Timo Myyrä <timo.myyra at wickedbsd.net> wrote:
>> Ha, found the problem here... and before getting my first cup of morning coffee.
>> The problem is in the contrib/abcl-asdf/maven-embedder.lisp.
>> The maven library path is wrong so abcl won't find maven libraries.
>> OpenBSD port of maven installs itself under /usr/local/maven.
>> I've made simple patch for testing and with it loading of hunchentoot worked
>> fine.
>> $OpenBSD$
>> fix maven lib location for openbsd
> I’ve patched [ABCL trunk with a slightly more involved version of your
> patch][1].  I *think* you could have gotten away with setting the
> ABCL-ASDF:*MVN-LIBS-DIRECTORY* before the initialization routine ABCL-ASDF:INIT
> was run, but admit that such a step is certainly not clear from the current
> state of the documentation.
> I removed the explicit conditionalization on OpenBSD to check
> this path, as it might well be the case for other OS choices.
> Please let me know if this doesn’t work for you for some reason, and thanks for
> your patch.
> [1]: http://abcl.org/trac/changeset/14696

Yeah, I just wanted quick and easy way to test that problem is in the maven
libs. I hoped for a cleaner version. 
I tested you fix and it works for me.

Any estimate when 1.3.1 would get released? I'm just wondering on should I
update OpenBSD port to 1.3.0 + backport this patch or just wait for the 1.3.1.


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