[armedbear-devel] Bugs

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 18:26:17 UTC 2013

Testing ASDF found several bugs in ABCL.

cd ~/cl/asdf/

abcl --noinform --eval
Failed to require  LOOP because 'Illegal function object: (bqv).'

Maximum error depth exceeded (11 nested errors) with 'Illegal function
object: (bqv).'.

abcl --noinform --eval

So your backquote parser is broken somehow.

Also, upgrading from ASDF 2.25 or 2.26 used to work, but not anymore.
Now 2.27 is needed (as configured in header.lisp, and tested with make
u l=abcl ASDF_UPGRADE_TEST_TAGS=2.25).

Finally, there are many instances of abcl in #+ or #- in the test/
directory, including two new ones in test-bundle on Mac (which is a
regression from abcl 1.1.0) and in test-stamp-propagation (which is a
new test, and a bug shared with XCL).

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