[armedbear-devel] Pdfdoclet - Javadoc for ABCL in PDF format

Sean Champ spchamp at me.com
Wed Jul 24 02:02:33 UTC 2013

On 07/23/2013 03:10 PM, Mark Evenson wrote:
> On 7/23/13 11:34 PM, Sean Champ wrote:
> […]
>> Personally and primarily, I've been interested in the possibility of
>> developing an ABCL interface onto Apache Jena, and possibly an interface
>> onto some JARs distributed by the GeoTools project - would like to
>> develop a process of transforming an ESRI Shapefile into an OWL
>> ontology, and it seemed  that ABCL would be a good Common Lisp
>> implementation to use for such a purpose.
> See [jeannie][] for an initial wrapping of Jena with ABCL.  It doesn't 
> do much more than read RDF from a PATHNAME, but adding the rest is a 
> matter of rolling up the proverbial sleeves.
> [jeannie]:  http://bitbucket.org/easye/jeannie

Will take a look - I suppose, maybe it'll help towards an idea for how 
to get a start with extending other Java APIs, in Common Lisp.

> […]
>> In looking at that idea, I'd been interested about how the CLOS support
>> is implemented in ABCL, and whether and how MOP might be implemented,
>> there.
> As much of CLOS/MOP as possible has been implemented in Lisp: see 
> clos.lisp.
Took a look - so, MOP is implemented on the Lisp side, of course, and 
there's the documentation in clos.lisp denoting the Java classes 
effectively extended in the Common Lisp code - quite succinct.

I think that I should not be too embarassed to denote that I'd only 
looked so far as to consult the Java API, when trying to construct a UML 
model for the MOP implementation in ABCL - not being aware, then, that 
ABCL may sort of extend the concept of class specialization, effectively 
in specializing Java classes with Common Lisp

I think it's  helpful to have a sense of where to start in studying the 
source code, then. Thank you.

-- Sean

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