[armedbear-devel] regression of bordeaux-threads tests on ABCL 1.0.1 (comparing to 1.0.0)

Mark Evenson evenson.not.org at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 13:44:28 UTC 2012

On Jan 11, 2012, at 06:24 , Anton Vodonosov wrote:

> Hello.
> I am running tests of some lisp libraries on various cl implementations.

Neat.  Do you publish results?  Would there be a way for us to
submit a given version of ABCL for such tests ahead of release time?

> Just noticed a regression. 

Indeed you have.  Filed as [ticket #193][#193].  Thanks for the report!

[#193]: http://trac.common-lisp.net/armedbear/ticket/193

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