[armedbear-devel] readtable-case :invert does not invert uninterned symbols

Ole Arndt ole at sugarshark.com
Mon Aug 15 21:39:31 UTC 2011


Ole Arndt <ole at sugarshark.com> writes:

> This prevents loading a newer parenscript, which uses an
> inverted readtable case via named-readtables:
> Armed Bear Common Lisp 0.26.0-dev-svn-13273
> Java 1.6.0_17 Sun Microsystems Inc.
> Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM
> Low-level initialization completed in 0.712 seconds.
> Startup completed in 3.154 seconds.
> Type ":help" for a list of available commands.
> CL-USER(1): (setf (readtable-case *readtable*) :invert)
> :invert
> CL-USER(2): (string :cl)
> "CL"
> CL-USER(3): (string '#:cl)
> "cl"

Mark Evenson <evenson at panix.com> writes:

> Filed as [ticket #148][1].  Thanks for the report!
> [1]: http://trac.common-lisp.net/armedbear/ticket/148

The attached patch fixes the test case above. 

Loading a newer parenscript still fails while loading the fasl for
parenscripts package.lisp. It seems that named-readtables (as it warns
about on loading) does not yet work with abcl.

Ole Arndt                     http://www.sugarshark.com

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